About Us

Kemfa Services is a family run business incorporated in 2017. Our founder, Bella Gabice wanted to change the way people think about ageing, disabilities, and being frail. This is achieved by pursuing independence through overall well-being and reablement. Kemfa Services believes real wellness is about participation. Through our comprehensive approach to care that encompasses you, your family, us, and other healthcare professionals, we aim to deliver a more progressive care program.

At Kemfa Services we advocate for independence. We acknowledge that people have different levels of ability, so we aim to empower you or your loved one and enhance your lives in the comfort of your home.

Our Management

Our management has years of experience working in the health and social care sector. This experience and passion to provide quality care ensure that Kemfa Services provides trusted care. They are friendly and have a ‘yes I can’ attitude that allows them to tackle any challenge with positivity.

Our Care team

We take pride in our carers who are fully trained, trustworthy, and experienced. We match them with you based on their preferences, interests, and hobbies. This is done to ensure the creation of a mutual genuine bond.

Our cares go through rigorous evaluations to check if they meet our standards. They are expected to provide friendly, passionate, and consistent care that will improve your quality of life.

Our Carers :

  • Are fully trained to take care of the elderly
  • Have professional certifications
  • Have no criminal record
  • Have excellent references

We check in with you regularly to see if you are getting the best care from them from your assigned carer. If there is a need, they will go through more training to make sure that they provide you with quality care.

Our Values

Quality Services

We will provide you high quality, reliable, and ethical care services. We are committed to delivering our services with respect, compassion, and professionalism. All client information will be held in strict confidence. Our care will be delivered without discrimination on race, age, sex, or disability.

Health and safety

We are committed to the health and safety of you and our employees. Kemfa Services practises a drug-free, alcohol-free, and smoking-free environment. We also practise proper infectious disease procedures and our staff goes through the necessary training.

Continuous improvement

We are proactive in our caregiving. Our care management does regular assessments and evaluations to make sure that they are we give gets better. We strive to grow as we learn and develop our knowledge through training and feedback from you and your family.

Comprehensive care approach

We work with other healthcare professionals to ensure we maximise your independence. We take a comprehensive outlook on the care we provide you. We ensure that your care plan includes your overall healthcare needs and preferences.