Our Live-in Care Service

Our Live-in care services are a great alternative to moving into institutionalised care. A trained carer will come and live with you in your home and provide you with companionship, home support, nursing care, and personal care around the clock. We are here to ensure that your wish of staying at home will be the best decision you make. You will be able to enjoy your familiar surroundings while maintaining your independence.

Matching process

We conduct a rigorous process where a carer will be matched and aligned with your personal needs. Our matching process will ensure that your carer will have similar interests and preferences as you. They will move into your home to deliver bespoke care and support.

Benefits of Live-in care

Staying independent in your home with your personal belongings, preferred routines, and regular contact with family and friends.

Remove the pressure from family who had become your primary caregivers which can be a stressful and time-consuming duty.

Companionship and support 24/7 that removes the impact of loneliness and vulnerability.

Carry on living the life you want to and enjoy hobbies and holidays.

Avoid separation from loved ones or a beloved pet or neighbour. Stay in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones knowing that care is available.


Our Live-in care services

Personal Care

We provide discreet and sensitive personal care such as bathing, dressing, shaving, and continence.


We match you with a Carer that has similar interests and personalities with you to ensure that life becomes interesting and enjoyable.

Managing Medication

Our Carers are trained in Medication management and will prompt you to take medication. They can also make medical appointments or accompany you to health professionals.

Assistance with safe mobility

We make sure that your home is safe to improve mobility and movement whilst minimising falls.

Domestic tasks and Cooking

Our Carer will cook for/ with you nutritious meals that suit your dietary needs. They will also help you keep your home tidy by cleaning it.

Assistance with social activities

We make sure that you stay in touch with your local community. This can be achieved by attending local events or visiting friends and family with the company of your Carer.

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