Our Respite Care Service

It is a very fulfilling experience to care for a loved one. However, it can be hard work and it is also important to look after yourself.

Research shows that providing long-term care can also be stressful. Kemfa Services respite care allows the primary caregiver a much needed and deserved break. Allowing them time to recharge their batteries.

A care manager will come to spend time with you and your loved one in your home setting. This allows us to know you and your loved one and also observe your daily routines. We will craft a tailored care plan with you. The care plan will have clear instructions on how we will care and support you. We ensure that our respite services reflect your usual care and support.

How we deliver our service

During our time with your loved one, we ensure that there is communication between you and our care team. This is done to keep you informed and confident in our care. We aim to allow you to relax knowing that your loved one is safe with us.

We pick up from where you left and ensure that there is no deviation from the normal routines and schedules. Our respite care is flexible and meets your loved one’s care needs. It can be provided as:

Live-in respite care:  A carer will live with you in your home, offering support and care to your loved one throughout the day.

Visiting respite care: intermittent visits from our carers for just a few hours each day or week.

Your respite care will include personal care, mobility support, companionship, administrating medication, meal preparation, housekeeping, and feeding and caring of pets. Our carers are trained to follow your usual routine you are comfortable with and make sure that your loved one feels supported whilst you are away.


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