Supported living.

Quality care and support to individuals with Autism, Mental health needs and Learning disabilities.
Our supported living services are designed to support those who want to live independently as possible. This type of support is suitable for those who need help with day-to-day tasks and activities. It is ideal for individuals with complex needs as our support workers can offer 24-hour support. We offer the same standard of care and personalised support to each individual within our care. Kemfa Services works closely with local authorities, care professionals, and housing providers to ensure that our support packages deliver care based on individual needs. If you need our services or want to understand how Supported Living services work contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions.

The people we support

Kemfa care provides support to individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and mental health needs. Our support team offers expert care and support across a wide range of specialisms. We tailor our support plans to each individual and ensure that it promotes independence and choice.

Learning disabilities

Our support team are experts in supporting individuals with learning disabilities. Using Positive Behaviour Support, our team monitors the behavioural, emotional, and psychological needs of those we support. We use a holistic approach that considers an individual life history, personality, physical health, and emotional needs. A care plan will be drafted with the help of the individual, their family, and also other healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, etc. All care plans promote safety, consistency, and reliability. We ensure that everyone we support has access to engaging and meaningful activities, personalised to each person’s capabilities. This is done to promote social, vocational, and life skills and help to build self-esteem and confidence


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Autism is a condition that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people. Also, it affects how they experience the world around them. At Kemfa we adopt a tailored approach involving the individual, their family, and other healthcare professionals to provide support and help them develop functional abilities and skills that improve the quality of their lives. This allows the crafting of a bespoke care plan that is regularly reviewed to reflect individual development and progress.
These plans detail how each individual should be supported, their preferences, how their environment should be made suitable for them, and how to ensure that all their needs be it physiological, physical, psychological, or emotional are met. We take note of recommendations from Sensory Assessments, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapy, and Psychologists. We encourage self-confidence and independence.
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Mental health needs

We support individuals to make informed decisions about important things that affect our daily lives. Our specialist support helps to identify personal needs, challenges, and aspirations and helps to build long-term self-management strategies.

We work with social services and community home teams to craft bespoke care plans that are monitored regularly. We employ tools such as Recovery Star to measure achievements. Individuals set their own goals and this helps to reinforce motivation, enhance skills and confidence and also assist in the identification of objectives and ways to achieve them.

Kemfa Services abides by the guidelines of the Mental Health Act in supporting the needs of our clients. We ensure to uphold the right of individuals and assure their safety.

How we support.


You can get more out of life with our services. Get involved in activities of your choice such as swimming, bowling, football, horse riding, and daily living skills to independent living in cooking, laundry, washing dishes, cleaning, shopping, budget. You will also get to know your community better make new friends and spend time with people who share your interests.


We aim to support and create a personal learning plan that reflects your interest, builds on your existing skills, and helps you in achieving your goals.

We will support you with to:

  • Improve your communication and social skills.
  • Handle your money and learn how to use public transport.
  • Improve your reading and writing.
  • Use computers, tablets, and phone


We aim to support you to live your preferred lifestyle. Our support services will help you to live well at home, including support with everyday routines.

We will support you to

  • Manage your care needs like shower and dressing.
  • Keep your home clean and well maintained.
  • Get you where you need to go.
  • Become more confident using public transport.
  • Improve your life skills, like cooking and budgeting.
  • Make and attend appointments.


We have an experienced support team and staff who benefited from years of experience working alongside people with Autism, Learning Disabilities, or Mental Health, Behaviours that challenge. Our qualified team takes the time to understand the triggers that affect behaviour and we will support you to develop Positive Behavioural Support Plans (PBSP). Some of the ways specialists can help include:

  • Helping everyone involved understand and identify individual triggers.
  • Strategies to prevent harm.
  • Assessing and developing positive behaviour support plans.
  • Providing behaviour support interventions and recommendations.
  • Training coaching and mentoring staff.
  • Working with you to reduce harmful behaviour without restrictive practices.
  • Working in partnership with other professionals.

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