Our Palliative Care Service

Our palliative care services aim to ease the burden and increase comfort when one is diagnosed with an incurable disease. We work alongside other healthcare professionals to try and make it achievable.

Our palliative carers are trained to deliver the support needed in the face of a terminal illness. The services we provide, be it an extra pair of hands or more complex care needs, aims to accommodate yours or your loved one’s wishes to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. We cater to your physical and mental health needs and are also trained to assist with the specific needs of different ailments.

The care we deliver is professional and compassionate. We can support 24hrs a day or intermittent visits. You and your loved ones are in complete control and we will work tirelessly to meet your care needs and final wishes.

Your care and support

Your dedicated and experienced Carer will continue to provide care and support including;

  • Personal care
  • Administering pain relief medication
  • Well-being and preparing nutritious meals and hydration

Email Us On care@kemfaservices.co.uk Or Call Us